Women aren’t the only ones experiencing body shaming in our society. Men probably experience it just as much as we do. Men are given this weird expectation that they have to have bulging biceps, a 50 pack of abs, and lean legs. The “bro” image. I mean sure, if you work hard to make your body look like that good for you! But not everyone has to look like that. Curvy girl models are finally being recognized and there is a push for a body positive movement. That’s awesome- I feel like I can actual be a part of society and not feel like everyone hates me because I don’t look like a runway model- but why not give our guys some positivity too? Why don’t we ever see plus sized male models in the spotlight? Guys shouldn’t have to feel like they owe it to the world to change their body and conform with everyone else.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate plus sized male models?


Riccardo Onorato (picture from





Troy Solomon (Picture from



Dexter Mayfield (Picture from


Men: Learn to love and embrace your bodies- because you’re all wonderful human beings and you don’t need to be chiseled or look like an underwear model.  Be real. Be you.








Curvy Girls Can’t

I FINALLY worked up the confidence to wear my favorite skirt again, and by finally I mean like 2 years later. I paired my skirt with a denim top and some cute booties; I felt so fierce in my striped body con skirt- nothing could stop me. Well…except one thing…a blog or website dedicated to bashing the “plus sized” community. (Sadly there are an abundance of these)

I was sitting a few tables over from these women who were laughing at “things plus sized women shouldn’t wear.” They were reading off this list of things bigger women shouldn’t wear. “Well duh of course they can’t wear that.” Why. Why is this a thing? (Yes I know eavesdropping isn’t okay, but they were super loud!) Guess what two things were on there? Body con skirts and stripes. The two things I just happened to be wearing. I started rethinking my bold decision, but ya know what? Fuck them.

If you feel like a goddess in whatever you’re wearing, keep rocking that outfit. Live in it. You wanna wear that sheer top? Go for it. How about that crop top? WHAT. You want to wear some patterns?? Why the L not? You want to show off some skin? How about some curves? I dare you. Do it. Don’t stop wearing things because someone else wants you to. Let’s turn “curvy can’t” to “curvy fuckin’ will.”



Yes, I am a big girl with big calves. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to accept the fact that I can’t fit into or pull off clothes that all the skinny girls wear. I have a shopping problem; I LOVE CLOTHES. Especially shoes. Holy cow shoes are my favorite. But when it comes to buying boots, it can be kind of a downer.

Sooo I’m a size 8 in shoes,but when it comes to boot buying that’s a whole different ball game. My calves don’t always allow me to fit into the knee high boots that are all the rage, so sometimes I have to go up a size just to fit into them all the way. Then that turns into me tripping over my own feet because my shoes are too big. (Duh captain obvious!)

I always get discouraged and give up on boots and move on to something else. This sounds completely insane right? Am I really being extremely self conscious over a pair of boots? You’re right it sounds insane- until it hits you that you can’t fit into a pair of shoes because of your calves. Then the whole over-thinking -my-body-image thing comes back to haunt me again. I’m NOT saying that girls with big calves aren’t absolutely gorgeous, but when I see “wide calf fit” and they fit me, that doesn’t make me feel very good about myself. Ya know?

One day I went to go pull a box of shoes off a shelf and another one proceeded to hit me in the face. After cursing at the box I became curious…sitting in that box was the cutest, dreamiest pair of boots I’ve ever seen!! But there was a catch…they were wide calf boots…Do I dare try them on?

I took a second and set aside my weird obsession with hating anything associated with the word “wide,” because these were seriously the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I tried them on!! *GASP* These boots fit incredibly well and they were my size AND they go with everything!! I pranced around the store for a solid 20 minutes before an associate asked if I was going to buy them…whoops! I bought them of course…but it’s amazing how good a pair of boots make me feel about myself even if they are a wide calf fit.

I’m not saying that you should develop an unhealthy obsession with clothes and buy things that make you feel better about yourself, but you should feel good in the things you wear and not feel ashamed of the size or label that shows up on your clothes. If you buy a shirt that is a 2x or maybe a pair of jeans that are an 18 curvy fit who cares? If you shop in the plus sized section, who cares?  As long as you feel beautiful and amazing in the things you wear, that’s all that really matters.

Big Booty Epiphany

Growing up in a suburb (lacking any kind of diversity) outside of Des Moines, everyone was expected to be prim, proper, and…well perfect. At least that’s how it was in my neighborhood. The people I lived by never failed to flaunt their perfect lives.

All of the girls around my age had perfect, skinny bodies-and they knew it. They would all come over to my house to swim, and when it came time to expose myself in my swimsuit, the girls just sat there and stared. “Why is your butt so big?” From that moment on it was like my ass was everyone’s business.

The comments followed me into middle school, but the comments turned into teasing and soon bullying which totally ruined my self esteem. Girls would always whisper behind my back about how GINORMOUS my ass was. I always thought that was a bad thing and hated my body completely.

Then the glorious years of high school finally came and the big booty teasing finally stopped. Why? Because something amazing happened. Some girls would come up to me and say that they wished they had an ass like mine. Say whattt???

This plus size, thick, curvy revolution sparked around the world. Women everywhere started embracing their big butts, arms, legs, stomachs and hearts; girls my age were jealous of these women! To have that kind of self confidence is incredible.


There will always be those women who are obsessed with being skinny and judge those who aren’t a size negative 5, but WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK?? Models for every freaking company have it ingrained in our minds that you HAVE to look like this and you HAVE to have this body.

BUT NEWS FLASH: No one is THAT perfect! And if they are, they have flaws just like the rest of us.

While these big beautiful women were publicly showing off their curves, they showed me that I should love who I am and flaunt what I’ve got! It’s okay to be different! It’s okay to be thick and have a real body with beautiful curves!

I have been so caught up in trying to squeeze into the skinny comformity that I forgot to stop and be thankful for the beautiful body I have.