Farmer Appreciation

Sorry this is a very random post…

So I live in the country and everyday I take a long walk on the back roads by my home. Today as I was walking all I could see were gorgeous fields and trees for miles. There was another thing I saw as I came closer and closer to the ditches. Trash. Trash was everywhere. What possesses someone to throw their crap into someone else’s property? Are they really that lazy?

I can’t imagine what these farmers are thinking when they see all this crap in their fields. This is really weird, but I actually commend farmers. I don’t know how they do what they do. I know I can’t grow anything to save my life; my cactus plant died for crying out loud. I know for a damn fact I couldn’t feed thousands of people. Most of these farmers out here probably aren’t contracted with any big box companies to sell their products, but they’re still growing food for other people. So why trash a field housing crops that feed your community? Your nation? Your world?

If there’s anything valuable I’ve learned in the restaurant business it’s that you shouldn’t mess with the people who handle your food.