Big Booty Epiphany

Growing up in a suburb (lacking any kind of diversity) outside of Des Moines, everyone was expected to be prim, proper, and…well perfect. At least that’s how it was in my neighborhood. The people I lived by never failed to flaunt their perfect lives.

All of the girls around my age had perfect, skinny bodies-and they knew it. They would all come over to my house to swim, and when it came time to expose myself in my swimsuit, the girls just sat there and stared. “Why is your butt so big?” From that moment on it was like my ass was everyone’s business.

The comments followed me into middle school, but the comments turned into teasing and soon bullying which totally ruined my self esteem. Girls would always whisper behind my back about how GINORMOUS my ass was. I always thought that was a bad thing and hated my body completely.

Then the glorious years of high school finally came and the big booty teasing finally stopped. Why? Because something amazing happened. Some girls would come up to me and say that they wished they had an ass like mine. Say whattt???

This plus size, thick, curvy revolution sparked around the world. Women everywhere started embracing their big butts, arms, legs, stomachs and hearts; girls my age were jealous of these women! To have that kind of self confidence is incredible.


There will always be those women who are obsessed with being skinny and judge those who aren’t a size negative 5, but WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK?? Models for every freaking company have it ingrained in our minds that you HAVE to look like this and you HAVE to have this body.

BUT NEWS FLASH: No one is THAT perfect! And if they are, they have flaws just like the rest of us.

While these big beautiful women were publicly showing off their curves, they showed me that I should love who I am and flaunt what I’ve got! It’s okay to be different! It’s okay to be thick and have a real body with beautiful curves!

I have been so caught up in trying to squeeze into the skinny comformity that I forgot to stop and be thankful for the beautiful body I have.